Oct 25, 2020

TL866II Plus - Review

I have been looking into buying an EPROM programmer for some time and finally decided to get a TL866II Plus. For some reason it is named "TL866II USB Mini Pro" on Banggood. It came with a set of adapters, cables and a PLCC Extractor. 
 The XGPro software for Windows can be download from: XGecu
It installed in Windows 10 without any issues. The software feels professional and is easy to use. It even shows how the chip should be correctly inserted. When started for the first time it updates the device with the latest firmware with single click.

It claims to support more than 15000 different chips so I grabbed three different types of programmable chips I had at hand to try it out. They all worked without issues.
If you like my review and decide to buy one please use this link to support me with a small commission at no extra cost for you: 

Test #1: Microchip 24LC16B - I2C Serial EEPROM.
Test #2: AMI 486 Bios. This is a TI TMS 27C512 Programmable ROM.
Test #3: Lattice GAL20V8V - PLD (Programmable Logic Device)

Oct 24, 2020

3D Printable Power plug for SVI

This a power plug I have designed for Spectravideo SVI-728, SV-318 and SV-328. It should also fit the TI99 and ColecoVision.

Download STL Files

Here is how to build it.

The original SVI PSU for SVI-728 is marked:
9VAC 1.5A
16VAC 0.8A

With the original PSU I measured (no accessories connected):

Oct 6, 2020

PWM to DC for brushless motor control

I'm usinga a brushless motor for my CNC. It has a control unit that needs 0-5V for speed control. The grbl control board ony have a PWM output so I have designed a circuit to solve this. It also provides electrical isolation with opto couplers.


Oct 5, 2020


Got a microscope that I will mainly use for soldering SMD. It can also save images & record videos. Initial test seems promising! Get yours here*: 
[* When buying using this link I get a small commission at no cost for you. I only recommend products I have used myself.]

Oct 3, 2020

NanoVNA V2

Playing with a new toy... NanoVNA V2. Highly recommended. Testing an LTE antenna and it seems to be pretty good! Get yours here*: https://www.banggood.com/custlink/3mmEPDJF7W
*When buying using this link I get a small commission at no cost for you.