Oct 11, 2020


I have made a some measurements with a DANIU ADS1013D. As many other reviews have stated the analog bandwidth is about 25 MHz. You will get a signal at higher frequencies but the amplitude will not be accurate. Besides this limitation is quite good product for this kind of money.

If you decides to buy it please use the link below to give me a small provision at no cost for you.

It is capable to export waveform data to files but I haven't found any source of information describing the format. I was able to extract some data from the files to make FFTs. Single tone a low frequency signal looks pretty nice.

When feeding dual tones at high an low frequency at the same time the higher frequency get folded in as a result of low sampling rate.


  1. Hello. Since you tested o-scope you know now if it has really "13:External trigger voltage 0 – 40 V". Often I need external trigger, but here I don't see input for that and description hasn't clear answer.

  2. Hello, sorry I missed this comment... I have not tested this. I recommend buying a better scope :)